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    Make a dashboard based on vsphere tags

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      Hi all,


      I would like to create a simple dashboard for my manager to show several basic parameter of our VI infrastructure.


      Thankfully to VMignite.com (he did a dashboard like that), i would like to add some metrics based on my vsphere cluster.


      A VM is made of 5 different tags :

      - location

      - environnement

      - application



      When i create the view that i will use in dashboard, i don't know how to deal with the string that is generated by vrops when reading the tag.


      Let me explain.


      This is what is seen :



      How to create a view that will be able to read only Environnement value and display them in a distribution view ?


      By default, i have a distribution view with all the string. Each string is unique, so i have a distribution view that doesn't fit to one particular tag.


      I hope you understand what i mean.


      Thanks for your help