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    move VCSA running on different VSCA

    askari911 Lurker

      Hi Guys,


      I currently have my prod vCenter running on another vCenter as a VM.  I want to take it off and move it to different hardware (one that it manages) and setup HA on it.


      I've tried to move it a couple of times using VMWare converter but both times it fails.  It seems to boot up and I can log in but after a few mins it just craps out.  Its easy to revert back as i can simply power up the VCSA that i converted from.  The vCenter is running on a ephermal port on the Distrubuted switch.


      I get error 503 when trying to log in,


      I was going to try a new approach  setup a shared datastore between the 2vcenters  migrate vcenter to that and unregister it.


      then while vcenter is down, i connect directly to the one of the hosts that the downed vcenter is managing and register it there and boot it up.


      I think that should, work, although i thought using vmware converter would have also worked.  I read somewhere that maybe it should be running in a stardard vswitch, but when i spoke to vmware tech support he said running on an epermal port should be fine.


      any help appreciated.