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    Great News from AppDefense!

    tstanton Lurker

      Hey AppDefenders!


      Thanks for reading our weekly blogs! Today we are excited to announce that we have launched our Quick Start Guide/Resource Hub to help Customers: Install, Deploy and use AppDefense! This guide will be managed by the AppDefense Customer Success Architect team and will be updated whenever there is a new feature added or product change.

      Check out the video below to learn more about what is included in our new Quick Start Guide:



      The AppDefense Quick Start Guide is divided up into six sections containing the following information:


      What is AppDefense?:

      • Refresher of what AppDefense is and how the technology works.
      • Installation steps.


      Deploying AppDefense:

      • Technical Pre-Reqs for deployment.
      • Overview of the deployment timeline.
      • Appliance, host, and guest deployment steps and video tutorial.


      Scopes and Services:

      • Overview of what Scopes and Services in AppDefense are.
      • How to create Scopes and Services.


      Discovery Mode:

      • Overview of what Discovery mode is, how it works and what its purpose is.
      • Review of processes and behaviors, and how to view them in AppDefense.
      • How to properly move from Discovery Mode to Protected mode.


      Protected Mode:

      • Overview of what Protected Mode is and how it works.
      • Review of deviations, Alerts and Event types.
      • How Alerts and Events are classified in AppDefense.
      • Review of Blacklist and Whitelist.


      Rule Enforcement (optional step):

      • Introduction to Rule Enforcement in AppDefense.
      • Overview of each Remediation action, and how to apply them.


      In addition, there are sections for:

      • Useful links- a full list of blogs around AppDefense deployment, features, and tips/best practices.
      • FAQ – Common questions around AppDefense answered here.
      • Helpful videos- Deployment and Feature review videos and demos.


      We hope this guide can be of great assistance to our AppDefense Customers!


      Please check it out: http://http://www.vmware.com/go/appdefense-quick-start


      Happy AppDefending!