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    Disappearing apps after provisioning

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      Hello Everyone,


      Did any of you encountered an issue where you are provisioning an appstack and you install an application (either exe or msi) and it installs fine with no errors and then when you reboot and click final OK the application is gone? Also, if I push it to end user the application is gone as well. I want to add that for sure the appstack is attached as other applications on the same appstack are present. I don't seem to be able to pinpoint what might be wrong. So far I found Symantec VIP Access (exe) to do that and one other msi based install that do that. We are currently on WIndows 1809 LTSC with AppVolumes 2.16


      Any help would be much appreciated

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          The moment you press ok the appstack (the vmdk that is) is being detached and the application is not longer there so that is default behaviour.

          If you do not see it after it is attached my guess is that the application is installed within a user folder.

          An appstack does not capture anything within the c:\users folder  (also a start menu item created inthere) or in the HKCU. Could it be the application is somehow stored inthere??