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    Poor refreshing of windows in Unity Mode running VMWare Fusion 11 on MacOS and virtualizing Windows 10

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      I am running a 2018 Mac mini (i7, 16gb ram, 512gb SSD) with the latest version of MacOS and I am virtualizing Windows 10 which is on 1903 with the latest version of VMWare Fusion 11.


      To start, there are no performance issues, my issue is strictly a graphical issue and it is exclusive to the Unity Mode, in Single or Full Screen Mode everything is just peachy.


      In Unity Mode I am seeing some graphics issues whenever I drag a window across the screen. For example, lets say I have the calculator app open in Windows 10 using Unity Mode and I drag the window from the left side of my screen to the right side of my screen, the movement of the dragging is anything but smooth. It looks like animations and frames are dropping and moving the window looks jaggy and jerky but nothing is hanging and as soon as I stop dragging the window everything is fine. It’s strictly a graphical issue with Windows 10. I also see it in the animations when I minimize an Windows 10 program, except here I only sometimes see it. It appears to be random to me. And this only occurs with Windows 10 programs, with MacOS programs everything is smooth as one would expect.


      I’ve tried reinstalling VMWare tools, changing cores to 1, 2, and 3, increasing VRAM from 1gb to 2gb, turning off 3D acceleration, and I see no changes.


      Is this expected behavior? Or what would be the fix?