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    Networking problem

    PloughGuy Lurker

      I have an online store which runs on a LAMP platform.  It has been running on neglect since 2010 because my day job was just so damn interesting...


      Anyhow, I find myself with time on my hands and I am looking to update my LAMP-hosted software from it's 2010 platform to something more current.


      The store has some ioncube-encoded bits which prevent it being updated to PGP7 from PHP5.  Therefore, to do anything developery on the old system, I need to find an old, 2010 development system.  I pulled a dusty backup disk from my old iMac of the top of the bookcase, where you put things like gift teapots that you really hope will be bumped and crash to the floor and whadayaknow?   Right there, in the directory where the Fusion images live, there is a Linux system with files dated 2010.


      Copy it to the MBP 15 with the ludicrous number of cores and 32GB of RAM, allocate it 4 hyperthreads and 12GB instead of the 1 and 1/2 that it was getting before because what else will I do with it all, and rev 'er up.

      LAMP is running, start firefox and bingo - the test store is available.


      So far, its a miracle.  So where, I hear you ask, is my gratitude?


      I have one niggling problem, which i am not getting crazy-obsessive about (much) which is, no matter what I do, it boots with ifconfig showing 

      • My new digs have addresses like 192.168.15
      • This means I can only access the online store from the 10 year old browser in the VM - Firefox 3.6.18 vs Mac 68.0.2...
      • It also means that a whole bunch of things that want to grope around in the internet are very surprised.


      I have checked the /etc/host file:


  teststore.local localhost

  teststore.local teststore


      In Fusion networking settings I have tried a bunch of options, with it currently sitting on Bridged Autoconnect with the 15.220 line commented out.


      Any thoughts?



      Fusion: 10.1.6

      Mac OS: 10.14.5

      Linux: 2.6.32-35.generic #78-Ubuntu 11/Oct/2011