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    When I ping the VMs client hosted by Esxi 6.7 U2, first requests sometimes timed out

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      I've an HP Proliant DL380G9, recently installed with HPE Gen9 Plus Custom Image for ESXi 6.7 U2.

      The HP server has been updated witch recent firmwares.

      3 Windows 2012 standard hosted, with 2 vswitch each using a network card connected to two different physical switches.

      The network cards for the VMs are of VMXNET3 type.


      Frequently, from any host - same Ip v4 subnetwork - the first ping requests (the first  and sometime more) fail with "request timed out" response. After that, all works fine. It occurs fot the 3 virtual machines of this Esxi host.


      I don't think this is a hardware problem (same switches are used with similar environments except the VmWare version).


      I've noticed too, with wireshark utility, on one of the VM client, some ICMP frames with the IPv4 address  of this client as souce and destination and a "destination unreachable (host unreachable)" message in the info column.


      I've patched today the Esxi with the build 201906002 (june). But always this problem.


      Any idea?




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