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    VRO 7.6 authentication provider

    APJ7033 Novice



      when standing up a new instance of VRO, one has to add the appropriate authentication provider. In my case it is  vsphere. The part I am confused about is, what purpose does the admin group serve. I have tried the following


      Created a group called VCOAdmin in the vsphere.local domain.
      Added an active directory group to the group
      Made VCOAdmin the admin group for the authentication provider


      When I test, my AD user that is part of VCOAdmin group test succesfully as having admin access to VRO


      When I log out of the control center and try log in with my AD user the log in fails, I can however log into the VRO client HTML5 and Java.


      I am also not able to execute API calls with this account.


      What am I missing ?