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    what makes nsx-managed bridge and nsx-switch.0 admin/operational state up on KVM hypervisor

    rajala Lurker

      I registered Ubuntu KVM hypervisor as transport node with NSX-T. The controller and manager connectivity for the transport node is up, but nsx-managed bridge and nsx-switch.0 show both admin and operation state down. Any suggestions in making the admin and operation state of nsx-managed and nsx-switch.0 up would be of great help.






        "transport_node_id": "7f1f51c0-6ec0-4c1f-8d37-ae9bff6c107e",

        "host_switch_states": [


         "host_switch_id": "nsx-switch.0",

         "host_switch_name": "mahi-nsxt-kvm",

         "endpoints": [


         "device_name": "nsx-vtep0.0",

         "ip": "",

         "default_gateway": "",

         "subnet_mask": "",

         "label": 8213



         "transport_zone_ids": [






        "maintenance_mode_state": "DISABLED",

        "node_deployment_state": {

         "state": "success",

         "details": []


        "state": "success"