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    Impossible to export VM properties in a convenient format

    EleK47 Novice



      I am developping a workflow to export VM properties. This workflow must be used used by API calls. The output type is "array of Properties .The problem is that the properties in the json we get with the API call (/catalog-service/api/consumer/requests/{idRequest}/forms/details) is in the format :

      {  "key": "vmName" ,"value" : {"type":"string","value" :"MyVirtualMachine"} }

      The format I expected was : { "vmName" : "myVirtualMachine"}.

      The size is greatly increased and it becomes far more difficult to read. If I "stringify" the json directly on vRO I get the right format. I also tried to send the stringified json as well (by changing workflow ouptut type) but it was extracted by API with "\" before each special character. The backslashes were unvisible on vRO before the API call so I cannot remove it.

      I searched on the Internet but I couldn't find any satisfying solution.


      Do you know how I can send the properties or which API call I can use to solve the problem ?


      Thank you in advance.