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    Have you used the built-in backup feature of vcenter appliance 6.7 successfully?

    TerdFurg52 Lurker

      We recently converted our vcenter software from its windows server platform to the vcenter appliance. It's version 6.7, and since then I've been struggling with the built-in backup on the management portion of the appliance. I use FTP to a local server, and it works fine if I do a manual backup. I cannot get the scheduled backup to work. According to FTP logs it never attempts to even reach the FTP server and login. Whereas the manual backup does show as logged in and sending the files. Has anyone here actually used the scheduled backup successfully? I've a ticket in with vmware, but so far they can't make it work either. As soon as the job fires off, there's some kind of authentication error that kills it; however the settings are exactly the same for manual or scheduled, so it's a mystery. I'd like to at least hear that SOMEONE uses this and it works for them. Thanks!