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    RDS High CPU

    LeventeM Lurker

      Dear Community!


      I would like to share an anomaly that I hope someone might know a solution for it. Our project is to make some of our software's virtualized for our end users, and to be able to access it from web browsers or from any device.

      The current setting we have: we got the view connection server and one RDS server which contains the Vmware Agent and the given, installed software's we like to give for our users.

      Right now we just have about 5-7 users who can use it (for testing purposes) - they can run without an issue any entitled app they have (from their different laptops, mobile phones, web browsers etc.).


      But on the other hand, we are experiencing an issue with the RDS server's performance.

      We watched it from the task manager's performance tab that the CPU usage spikes up for a few seconds (2-8 sec) and after that it drops down to a normal level and it happens quite periodically between 2 to 6 minutes. This anomaly doesn't change much even if we have some users logged in (they use some of the servers resources but on a somewhat normal level).

      We have a suspicion (but we hope it's not the case) that the Horizon Agent is doing some background work (Like communicating with the connection server to create log files) or something like that.


      Did anyone had the same issue or does anybody know what could cause this CPU spikes or any idea how to find out what causes this?


      The other issue we are experiencing (but currently we have a temporary solution for it) is that if a user logs in and uses his/her entitled apps, it creates a quite large .dmp file(s) on the RDS servers C:\ProgramData\VMware\VDM\DUMP folder. Right now we created a batch file which deletes these files on a scheduled time. But is there a way to stop these files to be crated at all?


      Thank you in advance for your answers!

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          For your issue regarding the dump files, these can be controlled by configuring the GPO as follow:


          1) Import the Horizon client ADMX template Into sysvol or local policy

          2) configure Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\VMware Horizon Client Configuration

              Maximum number of dump files.


          If you set this value to 0, no dump files should be generated.


          In regards to your CPU issue, my recommendation would be to check which process is generating the CPU spikes so that we might be able to better assist you with some potential root causes. Since they are consistent, any monitoring tool or even something as simple as a task manager set to show processes for all users should be able to tell you which process is causing these spikes.



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            LeventeM Lurker

            Thank you for your answer!


            The first thing: I imported the client ADMX file - but unfortunately I couldn't find the max number of dump files (maybe it's an older version? What I got was in the extras bundle package 5.0.0).

            I even tried the common ADMX file - which got a Max number of Log files (but I read it's description which informed me that if not modified the max number of log files should be 10. But I thought it's a different template because the issue we have are the .dmp files not the log files (?)).

            The good thing is that I could set up other gpo's which was useful for us - so thank you for that. But the problem still remains.


            For the cpu spike - I still tried to test it without luck. On the simple task manager, on the process tab (with showing process from all user checkbox in on). The cpu column shows just the System Idle Process which is 90-97 the other's are just 0 or max 5 or sometimes - one program jumps up to 26 but for just a very small moment. Other than that the task manager wasn't really helpful.

            So I tried the Process Explorer program the main cpu jump is still the System process with pid number 4. So I'm still unsure what is the problem.

            The other info is that i forget to mention - this RDS server is just for testing. We will migrate this to a better server but I need to create a concept which would be the finalized system requirements. But because this cpu spike - I'm quite unsure which would be an optimized solution.

            The current (RDS server) official system info is this (keep in mind that I received this server from our service provider for just testing):

            CPU: 1x Intel xeon E5-2699v4 22 cores/44 threads, 22Ghz

            Os: Win Server 2008r2

            RAM:6 Gb


            And we created a "stress" test with 3 users - 3 different virtualized software to be used at the same time:

            User 1, logged in installed Horizon View Client, used 85 MB of Ram from the server (in the future it will be used by 80 users, different devices and from different options for logging in /web page, view client etc/)

            User 2, logged in from a Raspberry Pi with a chromium browser, used 38 Mb of RAM from the server (in the future it will be used by 20 users)

            User 3, logged in from an iPhone used with safari browser, used 61 Mb of RAM from the server (in the future it will be used by 40 users)


            There is need for other softwares too, but these three are the priority apps - so what I know is that we will need quite a lot of memory for the future server. But my main fear is the cpu.