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    Deploy an OVF file without vCenter option

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      URL : http:////docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-vSphere/6.5/com.vmware.vsphere.vm_admin.doc/GUID-17BEDA21-43F6-41F4-8FB2-E01D275FE9B4.html

      Topic Name : Deploy an OVF or OVA Template

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      Hi team, my customer wanted to deploy an OVF file without vCenter option, is it possible. if so, please share the procedure.   Thanks   Senthil Kumar

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          Hello Senthil,


          OVF deployment is the feature provided by vCenter itself, don't think it is possible without vCenter.  You will not see any option to deploy OVF when connected to  individual ESXi host  via web client .

          I have checked this on 6.5 and 6.7 .

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            Import the vSphere image into VMWare vSphere ESXi server

            1.      Log in to the VMware vSphere ESXi Server.

            2.      From the File menu, select Deploy OVF Template. The Deploy OVF Template page appears.


            3.      To Deploy from a file or URL, click Browse to select the file that you downloaded in Create a Gateway.

            4.      Click Next. The OVF Template Details page appears.

            5.      Review the template details, and click Next. The End User License Agreement appears.

            6.      Read and accept the End User License Agreement. Click Next. The Name and Location page appears.

            7.      On the Name and Location page, do the following:

            a.      In the Name text box, enter a name for the virtual machine.

            b.      In the Inventory Location list, select a VCenter location for the virtual machine.

            c.      Click Next.

            The Host/Cluster page appears.

            8.      On the Host/Cluster page, select a cluster location for the virtual machine.

            9.      Cllick Next. The Resource Pool page appears.

            10.  On the Resource Pool page, select a resource pool, if required.

            11.  Click Next. The Storage page appears.

            12.  On the Storage page, select a location to store files for the virtual machine.

            13.  Click Next. The Disk Format page appears.

            14.  Click Next. The Network Mapping page appears.

            15.  On the Network Mapping page, under Destination Networks, select an appropriate node for the virtual machine.

            16.  Click Next. The Ready to Complete page appears.

            The template takes several minutes to deploy, depending upon the system resources available.

            18.  When the deployment is a complete, a success message appears.

            19.  Click Close to dismiss the message.

            20.  Complete the procedure,


            Alessandro Romeo

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              Please include a link to the source if you copy&paste content from others.

              Also note that what you've posted is for OVF deployment in vCenter, i.e. not on ESXi.


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                The OP ask for ESXi 6.5 and your howto is based on the old vSphere Windows Client which died in 5.5 and goes out of function with 6.0. So this doesnt help that much.


                If you use the Host Client 6.7 (dont have a 6.5 around)....

                1.login into and stay on Host level

                2 From the action menu in the upper right select NEW VM (yes new VM!)

                3. In the popup you now have the option to create a VM or import OVF/OVA


                So its well hidden if you dont use it every day




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                  Hidden I wouldn't say, it's in the "Create / Register VM" options.

                  Anyway, you're right, I could have done a more recent example,

                  I thought he still had the idea.