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    Can't copy and paste Mac

    Acee2bee Lurker

      I STILL cannot copy and paste between my VM and my host machine.

      I have followed the suggestions provided by VMWare to resolve this issue

      Both are running Mac OS' - the host is running Mojave 10.14, and the VM is running Mac OS 10.14.

      I have installed the VMWare Tools, rebooted, tested but didn't fix the issue, then uninstalled, rebooted, installed, rebooted, tested again but didn't fix the issue. I have done this on multiple VMs to no avail.

      I have completely uninstalled and removed all preference and library files, then rebooted the host machine and reinstalled the VM. Newly created VMs act the same and do not allow for copy/ paste.

      Within the "Isolation" setting, both "enable drag and drop" as well as "enable copy paste" are checked in all VMs.


      I attempted multiple times to create a direct support ticket with VMWare, through my.vmware as well as through my workspace one, but it appears impossible to get support for VM Fusion 11.1, there isn't even a support option for VMWare Fusion.

      Please help.