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    vRO :  Server.findAllForType ( IP Query) Not working for vCenter 6.0 Plug IN

    GurpreetKaurBabbar Lurker

      I am trying to find list of Virtual Machines having a specific IP Address



      In our UAT environment, we have vRA 7.3.0 and vCenter 6.5 and vCEnter Plug In : 6.5.05471688


      And below query works fine.


      vRO :

      vRO input variable: ipAddress

      var vms = Server.findAllForType("VC:VirtualMachine","xpath:ipAddress[contains(.,' "+ ipAddress + " ')]");




      In our Production environment, we have vRA 7.3.0 and vCenter 6.0 and vCenter Plug In : 6.5.05471688

      And when we try to run above query, the workflow goes into looop or get hung, it doesn't return anything nor proceed further.



      below query works fine in both environments:

      vRO input variable: vmName

      var vms = Server.findAllForType("VC:VirtualMachine", vmName)



      Can someone suggest a workaround or any modification that I can do in the query to get this going for vCenter 6.0 ?


      We are planning vCenter upgrade in 2 months, till then I need to get this going.