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    E1000e Windows 10

    John555444 Lurker



      I had a Windows 10 2016 LTSB client that lost internet connectivity. It was using the default E1000e adapter, but I have now changed to vmxnet3. Are there known problems with the E1000e on Windows 10 as there was on Server 2012/Windows 8?

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          asajm Hot Shot

          Hi John555444

          what is your virtualized environment version?

          vmxnet3 is recommended

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            AlessandroRomeo68 Master



            The problem of Vmxnet3 drivers in Windows Server 2012 was related to the wrong version of vmware tools, which was later solved:

            VMware Tools version 10.3.0 has been deprecated due to a problem with the VMXNET3 driver.

            Article KB 57796 (VMware Tools version 10.3.0 Recall and alternative solution tips) describes the problem (very serious because it leads to the blocking of hosts), the cause, but above all when it can occur.

            At the moment it seems that the problem only occurs with these conditions (all necessary):

            Hosts the vSphere ESXi 6.5VM version 13 hardware (the latest on ESXi 6.5) Guest operating system Windows 8 / Windows Server 2012 or later VMware Tools 10.3.0 installed in VMS guests Email card VMXNEX3

            The VMXNET3 virtual network card driver could cause ESXi to shut down (yes, the host, not just the VM) with its Purple Diagnostic Screen (PSOD) or simply cause intermittent network problems in the VMs.


            E1000e – This is emulated version of the Intel 82574 Gigabit Ethernet NIC. E1000E is the default adapter for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. But installing VMware tools in those systems changes this adapter type and installs VMXNET3.

            VMXNET – you must install VM tools in order to use this network adapter type in your environment. It's an older version.

            VMXNET2 – It's an enhanced version of VMXNET, and allows high-performance, has support for jumbo frames and hardware offloads. Still older card though.

            VMXNET3 – latest, also called paravirtualized NIC which is the most performant and most advanced virtual NIC. Has everything you can find in VMXNET2 and provides multi-queue support (Receive Side Scaling in Windows), IPv6 offloads, and MSI/MSI-X interrupt delivery.


            On the new version of vSphere 6.7 there were no driver problems. You can also use VMXNET3 on Windows 10

            Alessandro Romeo


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              John555444 Lurker

              The machine that had this problem is on a version 6 host (can’t go higher). Most of my hosts are on 6.7.


              The issue was with the e1000e nic. I have now changed it to vmxnet3.....

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                AlessandroRomeo68 Master

                Perfect! I also always use VMXNET3


                Alessandro Romeo