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    Horizon View 7.6 with UAG - RDP issues

    Dsanches Novice

      Hi guys,


      I just deployed a single UAG appliance using DUO+Radius to 2FA, after struggling with a bug in the UAG 3.4 where my 2FA process was taking 40 seconds to send the Radius request(yes something on the appliance was waiting to send the auth token), during a troubleshooting session with Vmware we went to 3.5, which is not in the compatibility matrix for Horizon 7.6,  now our 2FA is running perfectly, but we are facing a different issue.


      We have Physical pools and of course VDIs with Windows 10 1709 and moving to 1903 (we are going to upgrade Horizon as well), on VDIs external connections works great both on Blast or PCoIP, but Physical boxes are struggling when the user has a high latency link or unreliable internet connection like public hotspots, 4g or even crowded Wi-Fi, the whole experience is sluggish and disconnects are quite normal under those circumstances, however users with good internet connections do not experience such issue, for instance I have 500mb fiber and never had any issue.


      Do you guys have experience using UAG+Horizon+Physical devices as a "VPN" solution? If so what is your experience?