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    Windows 10 in Horizon View Start Menu issues

    GarTomlon Novice

      This has been a problem that we have been experiencing for a while.  We have our VDi running on Horizon View.  It is currently on 7.32.  UEM is 9.5.  App Volumes is currently 2.15.  Our clients are all Windows 10.  New images are 1803; have some that are 16xx, and 17xx.  Our pools are both dedicated and non-dedicated.  This problem with the start menu is wide spread.  At login via browser or the client, a lot of times the start menu does not react.  You can click and nothing happens.  Happens with items pinned to the task bar as well.  After a while, sometimes, you are able to click and get the start menu to react.  This is getting frustrating and hard to troubleshoot.  Looking for anyone that has seen this and has solved it.  Thanks