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    vRA Blueprint to Provision and then convert to a template

    LeroyJenkins608 Lurker

      Let me preface by saying that I am extremely new to vRA. I've been doing the HOL but so far no scenario has addressed my goal.

      What I'd like to be able to do with my vRA 7.5 environment is to generate a Build machine and convert it to a template to be used for later deployment:

      -Provision a new VM from an existing template

      -Once provisioned, have an internal process install software and configurations. Once complete, power off

      -Once the VM is powered off, have vRA rename an existing prod template to a different name (ex: buildmachinetemplate to buildmachinetemplate-1)

      -Rename this build machine to the production name (buildmachinetemplate) and convert it to a template


      What I'm trying to figure out is if I should have one complete vRA blueprint do this whole task (which could take ~2 hours), from provisioning, to waiting, to converting to a template. Or, if there is another way to accomplish this with vOrch. If I go the route of having vRA manage the entire process, what does that look like in a blueprint? Do I import a custom vOrch workflow into vRA that includes the 'wait for power off' logic, and mark it to a template once it is powered off? In vOrch, how do I define a workflow to reference the provisioned vRA machine?


      Looking for any advice, thanks for your time.