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    App Volume Writable not work

    BOULA73 Lurker



      We have a problem with App Volume Writable.


      The volume is mounted but no data save in the volume. In the log no error


      Appvolume 2.17

      Windows 10 LTSB 1607


      Have you a idea ?


      Best Regards

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          That's not a lot of infromation to work with.


          What kind of writable did you create?? UIA? Profile only or Profile + UIA? What kind of files are you saving? Where are you saving those files?

          Are you 100% sure the writable is indeed attached? Can you see that in the Appvolumes manager? Is the status of the writable indeed Attached?

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            BOULA73 Lurker

            thanks for your return


            The template used is : Profile + UIA for Me

            I have tested

            -create folder to the desktop

            -create a file and in the profile user Documents, Pictures,


            My tests are made with Mandatory profile


            With no result , when i login in the machine no data are restore.


            With this site Manage user profiles with Writable Volumes | Age Roskam

            I have found something in snapvol.cfg file no include_path found in my volume, i have add include_path=/Users/ now the data are save and restore but it too slow the login.


            But normally with virtualize=\ that must be working  ?? but not for me



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              Normally if you upload the correct templates you should get all info stored within the writable except those folders that are excluded in the snapvol.cfg.

              It seems as if the uploaded templates are corrupt in your environment, you could try and upload them again. This can be done in the manager by going to Configuration --> Storage and then click on Upload PrePackaged Volumes. Those are the default templates and normally that setting should be in there..


              Yes, logon will be slower when using a writable because Appvolumes stals the logon until the writable is fully loaded and your profile is being "monitored" by Appvolumes's driver filter. When using W10 with Appstacks and writables we can see a logon time from 40 to about 60 seconds the moment you press enter to connect to your desktop in your View Client. Do keep in mind that W10's logon time is a lot slower with non persistent machines than W7 was.