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    Catalina Beta, VMware Fusion cannot mount BootCamp disk

    haralds Enthusiast

      I am running Catalina beta on several systems.  VMware Fusion 11 is fine after setting up the various privacy exceptions and allowing the KEXTs.


      BootCamp on a partition of the main disk is fine.


      However, one of my system uses a complete disk for BootCamp. It works with SIP enabled on Mojave and earlier following the procedure in KB 2151780 - VMware Knowledge Base


      However, under Catalina it fails with SIP enabled. This is most likely due to the fact that a PrivilegedHelperTool com.vmware.DiskHelper is moved to the /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools folder, but cannot be enabled for Full Disk access under Privacy settings.


      Has anybody found a work around?

      VMware - I would be glad to test whatever you have to offer.


      I generally like to keep SIP enabled.