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    Remove VMkernel adapter on vDS

    pspacek Lurker

      I am in need of a powercli script to remove a specific VMkernel adapter on a ESXi 6.5 host on a Distributed Switch.


      I am targeting the vmk1 which also has 'vmotion' enabled.


      This script snippet works but I need to target the adapter by either having vmotion enabled or by the device name "vmk1"


      $network = Get-VMHostNetwork

      Remove-VMHostNetworkAdapter $network.VirtualNic[0] -Confirm


      Any help would be great.

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          LucD Guru
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          With the vmkernel name, you can do


          Get-VMHostNetworkAdapter -VMKernel -Name vmk1 -VMHost $esx |

          Remove-VMHostNetworkAdapter -Confirm:$false


          You can also target the one(s) where vMotion is enabled.


          Get-VMHostNetworkAdapter -VMKernel -VMHost $esx |

          where{$_.VMotionEnabled} |

          Remove-VMHostNetworkAdapter -Confirm:$false