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    How to replace a host in Vcenter with 3 licenses already used?

    Sgaunauy Lurker

      Hi everyone!.. This is my Scenario:


      VMware vCenter Server 6 Essentials (3 host) ---->vCenter Server


      VMware vSphere 6 Essentials (3 host)  ---> Host1 - Host2 - Host3


      Host1 is an old DELL R710 and we bought a new DELL R740 (Host4) server to replace them


      I need:


      Migrate the virtual machines form Host1 to Host4, then eliminate Host1 from vCenter and add Host4


      I can't add the host4 to vCenter first to migrate the virutal machies because vCenter Essential only licence 3 host (already taken)


      Thanks a lot!