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    VCSA upgrade to 6.7U2c - fails using VAMI or shell

    Wander71 Lurker

      We have a VCSA 6.7 U1 and trying to patch 6.7 U2c. If we mount the patch.iso on VCSA and go into VAMI Updates, it sees the IOS and tries to update. It fails shortly into it. I roll back and attached .ios again but this time I SSH in and do "software-packages install --iso --acceptEulas" it goes thru its paces but I get to "Setting appliance version to build...." and immediately after it says "Got exception while trying to save metadata to a file: unexpected content in /etc/issue file ...." but ends with Packages updated successfully, Reboot is required.


      After a reboot VCSA console still shows old version, in the Web Client is shows new version?


      PS this is a air gapped/no internet system and already tried "Use Custom Repository" in VAM


      How do I fix? Tried several times.