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    GCC 8.3.0 not found

    LeslieTrail Lurker

      I Have Wrokstation Pro installed on Ubuntu 18.04. Getting an error it can't find gcc 8.3.0  I have 7.4.0 installed... any advise oh fixing this?

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          RDPetruska Guru
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          Have you tried installing the version it's asking for?

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            mkubecek Enthusiast

            To be completely safe, one should build out-of-tree modules with gcc version that was used to build the kernel (one you are building the modules for). In practice, it rarely causes problems and I wouldn't expect any serious issue if you build the module with gcc7 for kernel built with gcc8. (Technically, matching version is not guaranteed to be sufficient either, there may be other differences.) IIRC this is only hard error if you let the Workstation GUI run the build, buidling the modules manually with "vmware-modconfig --console --install-all" should work around it.


            (If your kernel is 5.1 or newer, the build will fail anyway and you will need to patch the module sources but that's a different story.)

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              LeslieTrail Lurker

              Yes, I finally found some good instructions to install that version and then to get the OS to use that version.  So it is working great now.  Thanks