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    Agent Needs Reboot on one pool

    mach170 Lurker

      I've recently been having an issue with one of my desktop pools getting an 'Agent needs reboot' error on random VM's. My setup has 3 non-persistent linked-clone pools all based from the same Golden Master image. The Horizon Standard install is version 7.8. The agent on the golden master is version 7.8.0-12599301.


      Two of the pools (115 VMs) are refreshing and provisioning just fine without issues. The third pool (21 VMs) using the same settings as the other two, just a different name, constantly has 1-3 VMs showing the 'Agent needs reboot' when the VMs are refreshed or recomposed.


      I've even deleted and recreated the pools and it is still the same pool that gets the errors. Rebooting the VM fixes the issue most times.


      I'm at a loss as to why it is this one pool that gets the error.


      Any advice on what to look for in the logs and which logs?