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    UCS with ESXi 6.5 Dead on Arrival. Can I local storage swap to new UCS and maintain my VMs

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      Long story short i'm on a short deployment, UCS chassis running ESXi DOA'd ... I used the Local storage on one of the 2 other chassis and built the required VMs for the project. We are waiting on an RMA but the timeline might be too tight to rebuild. Will i be able to just drop the 2 disks in the UCS and ESXi will be happy? There is talk of adding this to vCenter but i'm not sure if that will get done until after i leave so i have to assume i have 3 independent hosts albeit on the same network.


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      Not sure if it matters but none of the disks are in RAID and I built a seperate datastore with the 2 disks I pulled in.


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