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    VCenter Flash Manager after 2020

    andresgt2000 Novice

      This is just to have knowledge of the future of the VCenter Flash Manger with the next end of life of Adobe Flash Player on Dec 2020.


      Of course the HTML VCenter Manager has been improving with each new update which makes us less dependent on the flash version, but someone know if exist a roadmap that we can consult, to see how is going the process in this matter.

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          daphnissov Guru
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          Not sure what you mean by "vCenter Flash Manager" as this isn't the name of a product or feature. I take it you mean the Flex Client (AKA Flash Client or Web Client). That client is going away and the HTML5 client will be the only web-based client which remains. I believe 6.7 will be the last version to have the Flex Client. If you need specific roadmap there, you probably should reach out to your VMware rep to get a briefing.