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    How to vMotion during tape backup

    TheVMinator Master

      I need to figure out a solution for a VMs that are connected to a tape backup.  Currently the solution uses a physical server with a scsi connection another physical server uses a usb connection to a tape backup.


      For example - for the USB connected tape backup - if I install a usb-over-ip hub - would that work?  Will it allow the Vm to connect to the IP and be able to vmotion without making the backup job fail?  If not is there a better solution?



      For the scsi connected tape backup - is there a similar or better solution?


      I want the Vm to be able to move among all physical servers in the cluster and be able to restart on any new server.  I don't want to have to hardwire the VM to scsi passthrough on any single physical server.


      Thanks for your ideas!