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    vRA assistance

    HiteshSujanani Novice

      Hi All,


      Kindly assist..


      Attached is a flowchart of what I want to see on the request form..


      I have 2 clusters, "Gold" cluster and "Silver" cluster.  Require dynamic options on the request form,for "Production" the servers must be deployed on the "Gold" vsphere cluster and on selecting "Pre-Production" the servers must be deployed on the "Silver" cluster.


      The Gold cluster is a stretched VSAN cluster having 4 host in "location A" and 4 host in "location B", also want a "select location" dropdown that will dynamically place the VM on the specified location host and a silver cluster(not stretched) that will have 2 clusters, 1 per location.


      I looked into VRA location options, the location option will help me deploy in Gold or silver cluster, but with the streched cluster and 2 different location, not sure on how this can be approached. Attached is a flow that I created.


      Any help will be really appreciated