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    Query Disk Mappings API

    PavanHCL Novice

      Getting ServerSOAPFaultException when I tried to Query Disk Mappings using  VSAN API. Please find the error message and the code snippet below for your reference .


      Error Message:

      com.sun.xml.internal.ws.fault.ServerSOAPFaultException: Client received SOAP Fault from server: Unknown type (VsanVcDiskManagementSystem) Please see the server log to find more detail regarding exact cause of the failure.


      Code snippet:

      ManagedObjectReference managedObjectReference = new ManagedObjectReference();




      ManagedObjectReference clusterObj = new ManagedObjectReference();




      List<VimVsanHostDiskMapInfoEx> vimVsanHostDiskMapInfoExList = healthPort.queryDiskMappings(managedObjectReference, clusterObj);


      Kindly let me me know, how to use the queryDiskMappings API.


      Thanks in advance