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    Error ejecting dvd drive

    michad Novice

      Okay, used Fusion now since way ago, with no idea what the change was that started this, when I'm in my Partition, cd/dvd insert MSDN dvd and double clicking on the DVD produces an error dialog Error ejecting DVD drive D:  I get the same error using an ISO copy of the same dvd.  DVD opens just fine in Mac OS Mojave.  Apparently v10 is no more, I could upgrade to 11 but/OR I can pay for a single support?  If this is more than just my mac pro, I should be able to get some hits here or off Googgle eh?


      Michael Davis

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          wila Guru
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          Not sure why it would stop working like that.

          The thing I would do in your case is shut down the VM.

          Then in menu "Virtual Machine" -> Settings -> Select the CD/DVD drive -> Remove

          Followed up by adding the CD/DVD drive back via the Settings -> Add Device button.




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            mbhai Lurker

            Thanks wila. I had the same issue. I have followed your instruction. It is working fine for me now.