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    OVF Tool and export a VM.

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      I have a VM with the name "Ubuntu":

      # esxcli vm process list


         World ID: 3814140

         Process ID: 0

         VMX Cartel ID: 3814139

         UUID: 56 4d 32 a4 c6 05 63 82-98 fd 7f 3b 89 54 47 7c

         Display Name: Ubuntu

         Config File: /vmfs/volumes/5c026449-b6594f00-cf1c-1402ec0456ac/Ubuntu/Ubuntu.vmx

      I want to export it via "OVF Tool" under Windows OS. I installed OVF Tool and used below syntax:


      " C:\> ovftool --noSSLVerify vi://root:PASSWORD@IP/Ubuntu "Output".ova "


      But not worked


      Any idea?