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    Edge Cluster Design Considerations advice

    jamiestarr66 Novice

      Hello everyone


      Seeking some input and advice on how I want to design my edge cluster and to support failover and availability.


      1. Designate 3 physical hosts to comprise my edge cluster.
      2. I plan to separate T0 and T1 and add them to different edge clusters
      3. Deploy edge1vm1 on ESXi1
      4. Deploy edge1vm2 on ESXi1
      5. Deploy edge2vm1 on ESXi2
      6. Deploy edge2vm2 on ESXi2
      7. Leave the 3rd host ESXi3 open
      8. Add edge1vm1 and edge2vm1 to my Tier 0 cluster
      9. Add edgevm2 and edge2vm2 to my Tier 1 cluster


      Next I will deploy a Tier 0/active-active to the Tier0 Cluster and deploy a Tier 1 to the

      Tier 1 cluster.  If ESX1 went down, the edge vms will failover to the ESXi3 which has no Edge VMs deployed on that host.

      Would the edgevms that failover from ESXi1 work and still pass traffic once on ESXi3?