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    OS X Yosemite on VMWare Fusion 11.1.0 on Mojave Host

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      Does VMWare Tools fusion still function correctly on Yosemite guest running Mojave host and up to date VMWrae fusion on Mac ?

      I open VM share on desktop but folder is empty despite its shared .


      Under "Virtual machine" men its stays as "upgrade Tools" even though its installed. Is this just some incompatibility with a very old OS and latest VMWare Tools not supporting?


      Occasionally i do get mouse pointer vanishes and keyboard unresponsive, so I must power off VM menu..  I'm testing old software for someone that requires Yosemite or lower

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          Attached log..


          Its only a visual thing when it freezes, as network activity still continues.


          Updates: Fusion unfreezes after download... I guess that's not all bad then, but I just have to wait, which is annoying.

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            TECH198 Enthusiast

            Update: i thought it was due to HW version, but nope. it still freezes so i pinned this to Fusion new for OS.

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              LifeIsToLive Lurker

              I have similar config. 

              VMWare Fusion 11.1.1. 

              Mojave (10.14.6) host. 

              Yosemite (10.10.5) guest


              VMWare Tools at first won't install ("The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.")


              I found elsewhere that this is because of OS X security, and it will install from the command line using this:


              sudo installer -dumplog -verbose -allowUntrusted -pkg "/Volumes/VMware Tools/Install VMware Tools.app/Contents/Resources/VMware Tools.pkg" -target /


              Terminal reports success, and after restart the menu says "Upgrade VMWare Tools" instead of "Install..."


              But the "Resize the virtual machine and the window"  or "Resize the virtual machine to fit the screen" won't work.  Virtual machine resolution stays 1024x768 no matter what I do.  Mouse is very slow.  Everything continues to behave the way it behaves when VMWare Tools is not installed. 


              In Activity Monitor, vmware-tools-daemon is running.  no other vmware processes appear to be running (I'm not sure if any others should be...?)


              I'm doing the same thing:  Working on older software for a client that requires Yosemite or lower.  Part of the point of virtual machines is being able to run other operating systems, right?


              To VMWare support people... What do I have to do to get this to work?  Is there any reason this shouldn't work?



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                Have been using Yosemite on Fusion for years and it still works fine for me on Fusion 11.1.1.

                So it can work.


                Not sure why VMware Tools did not want to install on Yosemite and can't comment on the way you used to install it.

                Hopefully it is working well now, otherwise you might have to try an older version of VMware Tools instead.

                See this link for the archives: https://softwareupdate.vmware.com/cds/vmw-desktop/fusion/


                Re. screen resolution. I seem to recollect that you have to hold down the options key when trying to change screen resolutions.


                Re. sluggish. This is due to a change on how things worked at that time. There's a tool called beamoff that helped with this.

                See: Improving Yosemite VM performance in VMware Fusion | Der Flounder

                It is possible that it is no longer needed, but I'm not uninstalling it from my Yosemite VM in order to find out.


                edit: As you're on 10.14.6 also beware of this issue: https://planetvm.net/blog/?p=67185  a.k.a for the moment it is recommended to not assign more than 2GB of RAM to the VM until VMware fixes the issue completely.





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                  TECH198 Enthusiast

                  Thanks.. this seems to fix the issue ..

                  Download PreDawin (10.1.6) and installed... and successfully installed  beamoff..


                  At first i wondered why /LauchAgents didn't work, although in correct folder /Library/LaunchAgents. It wasn't until i read .plist itself, that the app is also needed as it references this..


                  Added 'Beamoff' app to Login Items and checked "hide" so you don't see app running on login...  and all ok.. So, 'Beamoff' is still needed on Yosemite Guest.


                  (...as smooth as a babies behind)


                  I did remove it, and  and have regretted it... (just to test) .