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    vCenter Certificate Defaults

    JaneGil Lurker

      I'm trying to figure out the default certificate settings that are used when you generate a Certificate Signing Request when configuring a KMS.   The Common Name is being auto-generated to a format of "kmipClientyyyymmddxxxxxx" where the yyyymmdd represents the current date.   This means the Common Name is not static when you generate a new certificate, which is problematic. 


      Under Advanced Settings, I see that you can change some of the defaults in the CSR, but not the Common Name.   When I altered the Organizational Unit field, I did see that it changed that field when I generated a CSR during the KMS trust process.


      According to this page below which discusses these defaults, the Common Name is supposed to be the hostname or IP address.   Does anyone know/understand why this kmipClient name is being used instead?  It's really causing problems.


      ESXi Certificate Default Settings