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    VMware WS 2019 Tech Preview?

    mfelker Expert

      Anybody have any information on a possible VMware WS Tech Preview for 2019 or for that matter anything about VMware WS 16?   I think it would have to be at least somewhat compatible with Hyper-V to be interesting.   As many of you know VirtualBox 6 is at least somewhat compatibile with Hyper-V although I haven't tested it (but might since I've gotten VMware WS 15.1 working under Linux (Ubuntu 19.10). 

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          wila Guru
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          Hi mfelker,


          There's no beta for Workstation at this moment.

          The people who know any details cannot tell due to the NDA.


          I think you are also aware of the no comment policy at VMware.

          Eg: "It is VMware policy not to comment on future features or policies, so there won't be an official answer unless marketing decides different (which usually it does not)"


          So AKAIK we will have to wait a bit longer to see what is coming up.





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