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    NSX-T / 2 pnic / Edge Deployment

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      I'm hoping someone can provide some help with this issue. I've deployed an NSX-T manager cluster on to hosts that have only 2 physical nics. I've migrated all vmkernels over to switches/ segments on the single N-VDS that has been deployed without too many issues.


      I'm now trying to deploy an Edge VM on top of the N-VDS following the steps in this video:


      Demo: NSX-T Data Center Edge VM deployment on N-VDS Logical switches - YouTube


      I can't get this to deploy cleanly at all. If I try leveraging the deployment via postman, I get the following error:


      "[Fabric] Network interface '6f675985-3259-4ed2-b7e2-57ddf5d6ec29' is either an overlay logical switch or in an unaccessible Transport zone. Only accessible VLAN logical switches are supported."


      If I deploy manually via the edge ova and register the node against the management plane, it goes through, but on the nodes page I have the following under configuration status:


      "Edge VM hardware or Underlying Host configuration is not supported"


      In terms of the setup I have the following:


      Transport Zones:

      1. tz-overlay (n-vds1)

      2. tz-vlan (n-vds1)

      3. tz-edge-uplink1 (n-vds2) <-- Has a status of unknown

      4. tz-edge-uplink2 (n-vds3)<-- Has a status of unknown



      1. Management-LS (tz-vlan) (ESXi TEP IP also on this vlan)

      2. Edge-Transport-LS (tz-vlan) (EDGE TEP here - defined different vlan)

      3. Edge-Uplink01-LS (tz-vlan)

      4. Edge-Uplink02-LS (tz-vlan)

      5. Edge-W-Uplink01-LS (tz-edge-uplink1)

      6. Edge-W-Uplink02-LS (tz-edge-uplink2)


      For the OVA I select the following:

      1. nic 0 - Management-LS

      2. nic1 - Edge-Transport-LS

      3. nic2 - Edge-Uplink01-LS

      4. nic3 - Edge-Uplink02-LS


      As mentioned earlier, via OVA the node deploys and I can join it to the management plane, but I get the message highlighted above. If ignore this and try to configure it as a transport node, after I've configured the various n-vds settings, I get an additional error about the edge pnics not being prepared (I've deleted the edge node, so can't remember the exact error).


      The error I get from the API call doesn't really help - the referenced network is already in use by the ESXi hosts and looks absolutely fine. Can anyone please advise on what could be the issue?