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    InstanceUUID details

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      I've referred below articles in order to determine how to prevent this issue. According to those articles, the VM property value named "instanceUUID" is the easiest way to uniquely identify a VM in globally. I also checked those instanceUUID values in VM's which are reported duplicate bios.UUID. Even though bios.UUID's duplicated instanceUUID was not duplicated. But I did not find any KB, article or forum related to feeding the data to a CMDB system using instanceUUID values.


      Uniquely Identifying Virtual Machines in vSphere and vCloud Part 1: Overview



      Uniquely Identifying Virtual Machines in vSphere and vCloud Part 2: Technical



      In 2017 he wrote an update to address cross vCenter vMotion:

      Uniquely identifying VMs in vSphere Part 3: Enhanced Linked Mode & Cross VC-vMotion



      Can anyone please advise us how can we pull those instanceUUID details via vCenter? Is there any other method to extract instanceUUID details from guest OS level? Or any other ways rather than PowerShell.?