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    Running Stress test fails

    JP20178 Lurker

      # WORKGROUP Workgroup: Searching for 1 desktop(s). # Could not find VM's in pool for pattern BIO, Error code 501 # WORKGROUP Workgroup: Required desktop(s) are not available, found 0, expected 1 # RUN BIO_RUN1: WorkGroup failed, Error code: 24



      I can deply VM with Panner no issue.but running Stress Test does not work for Me

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          Here are few things you should try:


          I am assuming you are trying a local mode test:


          1- Make sure you have VM's with the prefix BIO in datacenter that was mentioned while adding vCenter.

          2- Check Infra Server test is successful in "SERVERS" tab.

          3- Make sure view planner agent is installed in desktop and you can see agent command window when logged in, and there is no error reported in agent command window.

          4- Check if autologin is enabled in desktops.


          If above does not work, reply back with test details (run mode, windows version, Horizon version and http://<HARNESS_IP>3307/vpresults/<RUN_NAME>/harness_run.log  file.)