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    USB passthrough not working anymore since upgrade to 6.7

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      We have a virtual machine that scans USB drives with an anti-virus software when they're plugged in the server, then shares them on our network if they're considered safe.

      To do this, we have activated passthrough on the host's USB controllers, and assigned them to the virtual machine.


      This was working fine before, but since we upgraded the host from ESXi 5 to 6.7 (U1), it's not working anymore.

      When I plug the USB drive, nothing happens on the VM (I can't see it with lsusb).


      I tried recreating the VM, I tried with or without additional virtual hardware ("USB controller 2.0/3.0", "USB device"), I tried upgrading the VM from Ubuntu 14.04 to 18.04, but I can't get it to work.



      Could you help me with this please?