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    Can't create Logical Switches

    SrVMwarer Enthusiast

      Hello VMwarer,

      Kindly I have deployed successfully my NSX Manager and a single controller within single cluster with two ESXi hosts prepared everything VxLAN and Transport Zones all is fine, but when I create a new LS it give me this Error message



      The last operation failed for the entity with the following error message.



      Error creating network vxw-dvs-13-universalwire-5-sid-7000-VDI - A specified parameter was not correct: spec.uplinkTeamingPolicy.uplinkPortOrder.standbyUplinkPort; nested exception is (vmodl.fault.InvalidArgument) {

         faultCause = null,

         faultMessage = (vmodl.LocalizableMessage) [



         invalidProperty = spec.uplinkTeamingPolicy.uplinkPortOrder.standbyUplinkPort




      Also this is my VDS Configs vmks at the very bottom is for my hosts and Management Services enabled on both created automatically as much as I can remember while preparing hosts.




      Notice, I am still learning the ABC NSX  , thanks for you help