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    multiple ways to effectively run profiler ?

    Douglas42Adams Novice

      Hi ,


      just curious how most are running the Profiler - as the appstck gets removed after completion .


      For small apps i have just been reverting back to clean snapshot and manually reinstalling the app quick .


      We have some apps that this is impractical however .


      Are most people attaching their install machines to the domain and then attaching the app stack to the machine ?


      My manager brought up that maybe we could start an upgrade to an app.. and then while the appstack is attached for a 'fake' upgrade.. quick run the profiler ?


      Could one also just run the profiler While creating the app stack ?.. we put the profiler on all our install machines beforehand.  That kinda sounds like a bad idea though.. wouldnt want to add anything 'unwanted' in the recording.


      Just curious as to how most are capturing the profiler data .


      thanks much .