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    New 1394B controller VSphere 6.5U3

    ReazBaksh Lurker


      I just added a Startech pex1394b3 controller in my standalone esxi6.5U3 but I cant seems to find what to select to add it to a client on the host.  Within the host PCI Devices it seems to see the card as it shows the following:

      LSI Coporation FW643 [TrueFire] PCIe 1394b Controller


      Since the Firewire800 is 1394B I am assuming this is the card.  When I try to add the controller to the client I don't see it.  All I see is this:



      In the usb controller there is the 2.0 and 3.0 selection but whatever is selected it does not see the attached devices.


      For this card I don't want to use passthrough as I'd have to reboot the host.  But if I have to I will.  Is there something I'm missing that needs to be done?  I saw somewhere that there may be a setting in the BIOS that has to be changed. 


      I have just the free version of esxi6.5U3 on a Dell R610 with no vCenter.