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    Error due to deploy VCHA

    baber Expert

      I have faced an issue due deploy VCHA after deploying VMware vCenter Server Appliance- Passive in 44% percent show follow error :

      A general system error occurred: Failed to ssh connect peer node


      my ssh access is Enabled on vcsa .

      i am using VMware-VCSA-all-6.7.0-14070457 , my vcenter ip = in vlan 1101 and is on VDS with LACP mode

      i have created a separate vlan on vds and its VLAN is on none and used this as vlan - VCHA


      Select vCenter HA network for Active node : vlan- VCHA

      Due create passive node :

      Management Network (NIC 0) = vlan 1101

      vCenter HA Network (NIC 1) = vlan- VCHA


      Due create witness node :

      vCenter HA Network (NIC 1) = vlan- VCHA


      and finally use ips such as attach pic but due deploy in 44% show above error

      also o was read all of follow documents and did all of them but not solved the issue

      how can solve the problem ?