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    How do you get Support for VMware AppDefense?

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      Hey AppDefenders!


      There are two ways to get support with VMware AppDefense:

      1. Chatting in the AppDefense manager with a technical engineer
      2. Logging a ticket through ‘My VMware’ portal (traditional support method)


      1. Chatting in the AppDefense manager with a technical engineer

      Access chat through the support tab in the AppDefense Manager- available 24/5


      This is a great option if you are working in the AppDefense console and have a quick question on deployment, features, any status icons you see on the console, etc. Typically, you will be able to get a resolution just by chatting with one of the engineers, but if not, they have the ability to create a ticket on your behalf and will follow up through email and virtual meetings if needed. In some cases, if you have questions around use case and best practices, they will suggest you speak with someone on our team (AppDefense Architects).


      In support tab you will also be able to view relevant documentation for deployment and how to best use AppDefense features.





      1. Logging a Ticket through ‘My VMware’

      Logging a support ticket through ‘My VMware’, this is the same process as logging support issues for traditional VMware products.


      To log a support ticket through ‘My VMware’ you will need to log in with your ‘My VMware’ credentials. Navigate to the support tab and choose you AppDefense service. Once this support ticket is received an engineer with be in contact with you over email and schedule a virtual meeting if needed. This is a great option if for some reason you are unable to get to your AppDefense Cloud Manager or you don’t have immediate time to chat with someone.



      We would love to hear from you, so chat with us to give us feedback or just to say hi!


      And as always- Happy AppDefending!