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    vCenter 6.0 to VCSA 6.7 migration: Stuck on starting VMware Identity Management Service

    uafcsc Lurker

      Hey all,


      We are attempting to migrate a vCenter 5.0 server to VCSA 6.7. everything worked well until we got to 5% in the "Set up target vCenter Server and start services" portion. The install just seems to hang there. I have gone through the logs I could find and the only issue that stands out to me is this in  `/var/log/vmware/sso/gclogFile.0.current`



      I have googled around and applied the `/etc/hosts` fix found here https://cstan.io/?p=8962&lang=en and it does not make a difference. I come here having exhausted all my options found online.

      We are migrating from a vCenter server with an embedded PSC and just one instance(no linked clones) and an external MSSQl database. I have a feeling the fix is increasing the JVM heap size but I cannot seem to find where I wood do that.