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    Automatic Tools upgrades on 2016 servers causing network cards to be removed?

    drheim Enthusiast

      We were running 6.5u2 and have typically set our Windows VMs to "Check and Upgrade VMWare Tools before each power on".  So almost 100% of our VMs had version 10287.  This has always worked fine as when the servers go to reboot for Windows Updates, they will just reboot again automatically for vmware tools updates during that same maintenance window.


      We just upgraded to 6.7u2 and had about (10)2016 servers go offline last night when they were rebooting for windows updates(and attempting to upgrade tools to 10341).,  When I connected to the console on them they had rebooted for windows updates, were complaining that they still needed vmware tools installed, and were missing all of their NICs(vmxnet 3).  So I had to install VMWare tools, configure the nic correctly and reboot them to bring them back online.  We have not had any issues with 2008r2, 2012r2, or 2019 servers and those have all updated normally.  Has anyone else seen this problem? It almost feels like it is removing vmware tools during the upgrade and leaving the servers hanging in limbo until they reboot again, but I was more focused on getting the servers back online than looking for more details about the problem.

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