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    VSAN SDK : Flash drive health summary

    PavanHCL Novice

      Unable to fetch flash drive metrics using VSN SDK, am getting null values. Kindly let me know which service call I have to use to get the flash dish health summary and what we have to pass in managed object.



      VsanClusterHealthSummary summary = healthPort.vsanQueryVcClusterHealthSummary(

          clusterHealthSystem, // managed object reference

          clusterObj,          // reference to cluster

          null,                // VmCreateTimeout

          null,                // ObjectUUIDs

          false,               // Include Object UUIDs

          fields,              // fields

          true,                // fetchfromcache

          "defaultView",       // perspective




      List<VsanPhysicalDiskHealthSummary> diskHealth = summary.getPhysicalDisksHealth();


      System.out.println("Capacity :: "+disk.getCapacity()); // Always null for flash drives, for HD Drives values are coming properly


      Thanks in advance

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          TheBobkin Virtuoso
          VMware EmployeesvExpert

          Hello PavanHCL


          Welcome to Communities.

          If you wouldn't mind, don't post new topics for the same question - just bump the original question with more information on your troubleshooting findings in the interim, this makes it easier for people to find information and ensures the information stays focused in the one thread.


          When you say "flash drives" are you referring to the Cache-tier SSD/NVMe fronting each Disk-Group or Capacity-tier SSD/NVMe devices?

          If Cache-tier SSD/NVMe then getCapacity may not be returning any data as in vSAN we don't really use Cache-tier for permanent data storage and the 'capacity' of these devices doesn't contribute to vsanDatastore size.

          Maybe you can enumerate these with 'getTotalBytes' instead, but other than that I can't see any other obvious categories where this would fall under in VsanPhysicalDiskHealthSummary



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            PavanHCL Novice

            Thank You Bob!


            I was referring to Capacity-tier SSD. In VCenter. I could see the Total Capacity and the Used Capacity of the flash drive in VCenter. I tried getTotalBytes() method, but no luck.  It is also returning null value.  Metrics in  VCenter shown as below for your reference.


            Drive TypeCapacityUsed CapacityReserved Capacity
            Flash372.00 GB2.00 B0.00 B
            HDD1.09 TB173.46 GB134.73 GB
            HDD1.09 TB143.13 GB130.64 GB
            Flash372.00 GB2.00 B0.00 B
            HDD1.09 TB15.50 GB1.42 GB
            HDD1.09 TB15.13 GB1.41 GB