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    Vcenter confusion

    Miraculous1 Lurker

      Hi all,


      Being fairly new to Vmware;  I have so far found the online forums and help very good, but I have now hit a bit of a brickwall on one matter and I am hoping the hive mind can help me.


      I inherited a smallish virtual estate when I joined my current company; 3 HP servers on a HP build of ESXi 6.7. The servers are deployed over 2 physical locations and host a variety of Windows and Linux virtual machines as part of the internal IT set up. There is a server hosting production VMs on each site and one site has as additional server which only hosts replicas VMs which are produced and maintained by the backup software; Nakivo.


      All 3 ESXi hosts are effectively standalone, no clustering or fail over was set up.


      I built a vcenter appliance and it sites on one server. I attached baselines and scanned the 3 esxi servers and have staged and remediated 2 of them. The Pre-check Remediation report on the last server is moaning about "VMware vCenter Server is installed on the virtual machine and DRS is disabled on the cluster."


      So I read up on this and it says about creating a cluster enabling DRS and HA. Which I have done but I get message about datastore conflicts when I try to add the hosts into the cluster etc. I dont want to mess up my vitual environment so I am hoping I might be able to get some advice please.